Wiltshire & Swindon Hotel Watch


What is Hotel Watch?

A key focus of the Hotel Watch scheme is raising the awareness of staff on spotting the signs of exploitation, including child sexual exploitation (CSE) and modern slavery, and the measures to take if they believe something suspicious is happening on their premises. This has proven very successful, and in one such case lead to a vulnerable person being located and safeguarding arrangements put in place.

Hotel Watch is a scheme that already exists in some many towns and cities in other areas of the country, which sees police and hotel partners sharing information with each other. It aims to educate and combat current issues that could affect hotels, their staff, their guests and surrounding local area, such as:
  • Pop-up Brothels
  • Child Sexual Exploitation/ Child Criminal Exploitation
  •  Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking
  • County Lines
  • Missing People (MISPERS)

What to look out for.

Why join?

Learn about local and industry-specific crime issues, raising awareness for you and your staff to avoid being targeted
Receive regular communications including live incident alerts, information, advice and free of charge materials to download and use
We hope to offer yearly training opportunities for your staff from specialist officers and external experts
Improve connections with other businesses in the area, providing valuable networking opportunities for hotels to build on
Use of the Hotel Watch logo – to provide assurance to your guests and staff and demonstrating a commitment to their safety.

How to join

If you are not already a member of Community Messaging, go to the Business Sign up page to register. Make sure you tick the interest options for Police and Hotel Watch.